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anyone know of a good dictionary or lexicon of Latin derivatives?

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my son is constantly needing to look up examples of Latin derivatives for his Latin class. the online sources we have found so far don't seem to be very exhaustive. I was hoping to find a good one in book form, but not having lots of luck yet.


do you have one you use and like?

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It wouldn't be Lonepine with Karen would it? If it is, you already know what I'm going to tell you.


If not, well, no, I don't know of one (though I really wish I did b/c my girl is derivatives, too) but you can access the previous NLE exams and scavenge those for lots of derivatives on several levels.


Does that help . . . or is your son in my daughter's class? ;)

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not in the same class if you're in the Midwest!:D



it just seems someone somewhere would have created a handy little book for these purposes. sigh. I looked at one on Amazon that looked like a nightmare to navigate. There were some much older ones but there was no way to "look inside." I need for it to be user-friendly enough so a 8yo could use it.

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