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Recurrent mouth sores

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My 7 yo son has had recurrent mouth sores for some time 2+ months. He is severely MR so he can't tell us any of his other symptoms. He is drooling excessively as a result. Poor baby.


No diet changes, he is on a gluten/casein free diet.


Dr. said it was a virus and eventually will go away. Could it be more than cold sores??? Any one else experience this???


We have restricted his citrus.


Thanks! As always I am :bigear:

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If he is gluten/casein free, have you checked to make sure every single item that goes into his body is truly GF? Our whole family is GF for 5 years, and we have found that so many items that claim to be GF truly aren't due to cross contamination, flavoring derived from gluten based sources etc. And my son used to get terrible sores too---and still does if he gets gluten. We recently were made VERY very ill from Aquafresh toothpaste---it is NOT gluten free.

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