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MFW singapore math guides


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I am about to purchase the SM 3 set and am really tempted to save money on home instructor guides by buying the cheap $6 guides that MFW puts out. Are these actually instruction guides that tell you how to teach the concepts? Do they at all compare to the more expensive HIGs?


They are extremely sparse in content...primarily a schedule of how many pages to do per day. There may have been a suggested math activity here and there, but nothing even close to the amount of suggested activities in the HIG's or TG's. The HIG's not only have the schedule but also have games and hands-on activities to introduce and reinforce new math concepts. And this is for every topic and sub-topic.



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1A and 1B have notes for key words and reminders about drills.

2A-6B - general teaching notes (not specific to lessons) and day to day schedule to get it done.


If you are buying set from MFW, it's worth it to get them included. (that's just opinion of course, but I know I appreciate the day to day check box instead of the set up in HIG).


but if you're getting set from elsewhere... I probably wouldn't spend the money on mfw guides (and I like them!).


then again, I didn't really need the HIG to help me teach Singapore.


how that's for mixed reviews



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