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If you were going to buy a good camera for a budding film maker

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which ones would you investigate? Ds (11yo) has been using a Kodak PlaySport, which is nice because it's sturdy and doubles as camera and video. But, while the quality is pretty good, it doesn't do quite as much as he would like it to do.


He uses video editing software to do all kinds of neat stuff, so the camera should be able to upload to the computer.


FTR, he hasn't asked for a different camera, but I'm considering something for his b-day this summer. I just want to get some input on what to research. I don't really know anything about film making.

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I've been seriously looking at this one for the same purposes. http://www.amazon.com/Canon-SX30IS-Digital-Optical-Stabilized/dp/B0041RSPR8/ref=wl_it_dp_o?ie=UTF8&coliid=I1NOLR862HOLQ2&colid=2EKN82J52NMB3 It films in HD, has motion stabilizers and as a point and shoot camera it has 35x zoom. The demo videos are pretty impressive. My dd likes to do stop motion and videos too with the camera and she actually wore out my last one because she played with it so heavily. I was looking at this one as a replacement.

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I have two dd's who are wanting mid-level digital camera's for high school and college classes. Both will be taking a few classes and maybe progress to a professional level with this. What would be a good camera to start with? We already have a mid-level Kodak Easy Share and apparently it is not high enough quality so we are wanting something better than that.

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