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Looking for Wash DC books to teach kids about trip


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I would contact the visitor's bureau and see what they could send you. Granted, it would be brochures, but my kids love to look at them. My hubby and I used to live outside of DC and have all our brochures. They like to look at them and we will use them when we take our kids there in a couple years. It will make a great pre-visit study.


Here is a coloring book (not sure what ages your kids are) http://www.amazon.com/Washington-D-C-Coloring-Activity-Books/dp/063502232X/ref=pd_sim_b_3


This is a guide too but it has a space for journal entries.



I would also use the Internet for reading. Here is an article and you can link to the web pages from there.




Good luck. When are you going? I am so excited. Our youngest is 3 1/2 and we will wait until she is about 6 before we go. :) Having lived there we are even more excited to go back with kids!

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Oh, I hope the Cherry BLossoms will be going then. :) It is beautiful.

As far as the Smithsonians, I love the American Art Museum but wouldn't take my son (7) there. He wouldn't appreciate it. But, he would like the Air and Space Museum. (He knows about this from the movie Night At the Smithsonian. LOL) The National Museum of Natural History is popular with families, but I really would only plan 1 museum for my son. You may have better luck with yours.


I also LOOOOOVE the Lincoln Memorial. http://www.nps.gov/linc/index.htm It gives you such a great view down the mall and towards the capitol.

ANd, while you are on the mall, you could easily do the Washington Monument. http://www.nps.gov/wamo/index.htm



Jefferson Memorial http://www.nps.gov/thje/index.htm This is one of my favorites to see at night.


You could also go by the White House and let them see it out front. I think that is something my boys would like to do.


We would also take a trip to Union Station. My kids love trains and would be amazed at how busy Union Station is with trains/metros/ and commuter trains. http://www.unionstationdc.com/


The other thing I would do with my kids is to make sure we rode the metro. It is amazingly clean and I know they would love navigating the metro. http://www.wmata.com/rail/maps/map.cfm

Enjoy your trip!

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I kind of like the old This is Washington, DC by M. Sasek.


When we take a big trip, I often find that after the trip is better time to really appreciate the books. We also sometimes make a memory picture book of the trip to look at later with pictures of the kids in the places they visited along with a little text about their trip.


Have fun! We love DC :)

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