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I had to share LOL

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I was looking up logic puzzles online for DD8 and I came across several "brain teasers". One question was "Does England celebrate the 4th of July?" I asked the question aloud and DD10 piped up quickly with "YES!". I asked her if she was sure. "Yes". Really, really sure? "Yes". I told her that our Independence Day is for celebrating our independence FROM England. She said....."Well....maybe they celebrate it too....maybe THEY got tired of US!" :lol:

Can anyone recommend a good American History study? :smilielol5:

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LOL Cute. That reminds me of the time when I was in PS that some English students were touring our school and were going around to the classrooms telling us about England and asking if we had questions for them etc. That week just happened to also be Thanksgiving week and my friend raised her hand and asked, "Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in England too?" They just kind of glanced quickly at each other and then replied to her and said, "No, that's really more of an American holiday than an English one." As soon as the words came out of their mouths she realized her mistake and turned beet red. Poor thing. It was funny though. hehehe

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Several years ago Dh was asked by his uncle to be a fill in drummer for his band that was playing at a 4th of July concert in the park event. Several different bands played.

I was sitting with friends and family watching when I noticed that a one of the performers was wearing a shirt with a British flag. I pointed it out and said that's ironic. No.one got it:001_huh:. So I explained we are celebrating our freedom from Britain and that girl is wearing a British flag. Finally everyone started laughing.

Later my FIL was teasing the girl about her shirt. The girl was completely embarrassed it, she had thought she was being patriotic by wearing red, white and blue! Later I saw her wearing a sweatshirt:D

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