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Pajama Jeans

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I was just looking at all the clothing and bras that are sold in the coupon section, I was wondering if I could work those poly blend elastic band pants. :lol:

These might be our generations version of coupon clothes?? :tongue_smilie:

I'd try um!! I like the lining!


I recently wore something similar that I found on clearance at Nordstroms, they were a white jean legging, soooooo cozy. I went out for a day of errands and caught sight of myself in a mirror. :eek: I felt like I was wearing diaper pants, big thick absorbent diaper pants!! Sometimes cozy is not enough.

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I went out for a day of errands and caught sight of myself in a mirror. I felt like I was wearing diaper pants, big thick absorbent diaper pants!! Sometimes cozy is not enough.



Or, how about when you look at a photo of yourself someone else took and say, "WHAT was I THINKING!?!"

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Well, my friends...I have ordered a pair in the name of research. And winter weight. :)


I'm planning on having a friend take pictures while we're at our weekly open-gym morning, so I'll post them when they finally come. I finally resorted to ordering them on eBay, but I contacted the seller today because they won't be here for THREE WEEKS!!! Crazy! We'll see how this saga turns out.


Holly over at June Cleaver Nirvana wrote about buying a pair and it's so funny:


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I just visited the website, and I will say that there is absolutely, positively no doubt in my mind that I will never, ever wear pajama jeans.


I hope I'm mistaken, but they look suspiciously like the old doubleknit polyester denim-look pantsuits that poorly dressed women bought at K-Mart back in the '70's, when they were also stocking up on leisure suits for their husbands. :ack2:


I can only imagine the attractive "saggy butt" look you'd get after sitting in them for an hour or two.


I checked out the size chart, and the small sizes seem to run very large, so it doesn't look like they are intended for very slim women. The smallest waist size is a 28.


Anyway, here's the website:




They might be comfortable, but why pretend to wear jeans when you could just wear a pair of yoga pants or leggings instead? Fake looks fake.



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I ordered some of these for my daughter. She doesn't like regular jeans as she has some sensory issues, but going off to college wanted to somewhat 'fit in', so........Pajama Jeans it was.


First of all, they took forever to get here. I mean, FOREVER. When it says 6-8 weeks, they really mean 6-8 weeks.


I ordered her one size smaller than her regular size as all the reviews said they run a bit large. Even one size small was plenty big; not too, too big, but they sure weren't snug. The waist was waaayyy too big, but that was easily fixed; I just made a small slit in the waistband beside each back side seam and inserted elastic that was the same size as the waist band. I just put the elastic in the back. Sewed the slits back up (with a zig-zag stitch) and it worked perfectly.


They do not look like old lady polyester double knit pants. They look like jeans. Exactly. However, the material is such that the inside of them are just amazingly soft. They are very, very comfortable. And they just pull on. No zipper. But, it looks like there is a zipper.


She liked them well enough that I ordered her three more pair, but this time I ordered them two sizes smaller. They fit perfectly. She wears them at college all the time and no one has ever thought she didn't really have jeans on.


They worked for us. Dd loves them. I hope they last all four years of college for what they cost, though.

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I have these from Coldwater Creek and L-O-V-E them! It *feels* like wearing sweats, but you look pulled together.


They do run long it seems. I'm 5'9" and they fit me, but I could see women on the shorter side having trouble with the length in the legs.


I own two pair. Once I wore the first pair, I knew I needed more.

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