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desk apprentice?

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Would someone who has one of these please tell me its dimensions when loaded with workbooks, paper, scissors, pens, etc.?


Also, how deep would a shelf/desk/table have to be for the DA to fit on top and be spun?


Thank you?


Also, do you love it?


Would you get one for all three of your older students (6,8,10) as well as for yourself? Or is that just too much and one is good for mom?


Thank you

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I absolutely love mine.


You do need a deep area for it to sit on and spin. It's big.


However, because it is big, I was able to fit what I wanted for myself and my older two boys, all in one. I fit all of their daily use items, my schedule/teacher's guide, "used all year" textbooks/spines, and everyone had his own pen cup on the corner. It was so easy to organize and really did hold everything I wanted.


It would still work now that I've added my 3rd student to it, but I no longer have sufficient space to set it out.


Right now, I don't have space for it so it's not in use. I've tried three different ways of organizing the same stuff that fit in the desk apprentice and am only mildly happy with the latest set up.


I loved my desk apprentice enough that we bought a special box for it (the regular ones we used weren't big enough) in order to move it with us from the US to Brazil 3.5 yrs ago. We were only allowed 20-ish boxes (one pallet) for our shipment. I left behind a LOT of stuff. The desk apprentice came.

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I love mine and if I had the room, I would get one for everyone. I store my teacher's manuals in the center. Then I have an outside pocket to put read-alouds, a pocket I keep my calendar in, a pocket for assignments being turned in, a pocket for paperwork, a pocket for a pad of paper, and an empty pocket right now. Then I use the little corner niches for sharpies, pens, highlighters, and pencils. I took the center divider out of the top of mine, because for me it just got in the way.

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Hi, my name is MaMa2005 and I am addicted to the Desk Apprentice. :001_smile: I have three of them. Two are used for DS's curriculum and one is reserved for just my stuff. I have a table that is 30 inches by 60 inches. I have two DAs on it as well as my lamp and printer. I still have room in front of the DAs for my calendar as well as space to write on DS's workbooks/papers.


I use cardboard magazine holders in mine (2 will fit) to keep workbooks from sliding down. There is still room for a couple of 3 ring binders alongside the magazine holders.

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I love ours-- I have 3; the twins share one, ds9 has one, and ds8 and dd6 share one. I like having all their stuff together in one place, and it has enough space for everything, including notebooks, etc. We have very limited schoolbook space, and they are a great solution for us. :D

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I don't know if there are different sizes, but mine measures 16inX16in with a diagonal of 21 inches.


I only have one that I use for two children and me. Hanging files go in the top, with erasers and other little things in the tray on top. I have sometimes put a few books in there as well.Each kid gets one of the double-pocket sides for their workbooks. I get one single side for my log books, and the other side for "Work in Progress". The corner cups hold pencils, pens, scissors, and rulers/protractors.


I used address labels to label each compartment, so everything always goes back in the right spot.


It sits on our school table. I've used it for years and can't imagine not having it there.

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The dimensions of the desk apprentice don't change when filled. It's hard plastic, so it doesn't expand or contract. It's 16x16" and the diagonal measures about 26", so you'll need at the very minimum 26.5" for it to spin.



Are you sure about the diagonal measurement? The calculated diagonal for a 16" square is 22.6" I measured mine (which is also 16X16), and I get 21" (probably because of the rounded corners.) I don't see how you could get 26". :confused1:

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