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Help with a Chalkdust Algebra problem??

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Ok, I confess I haven't been paying as much attention as I should during this chapter's videos (mea culpa), and I never used a graphing calculator when I was in school. This problem has both my son and me at a loss. Can anyone point me in the right direction here? The solutions manual shows the graph that should be generated, but I don't know what he should be entering to get this graph!!


This is from Algebra I 2nd edition, chapter 4 review #148 (sorry; I Have no clue how to get my keyboard to produce exponents or the pi symbol!:


"Geometry: The volume V of the segment of a sphere of radius 5 is a function of the height h of the segment (see figure). The formula for the function is V(h) = pi(5h^2 - h^3/3), 0 < h <=5 (that's less than or equal to; don't know how to make that sign either!)


Use a graphing utility to graph the function over the specified interval."


I think it's the "specified interval" that is the problem, as he is graphing other equations without difficulty.


Any suggestions?



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