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My g-ma is going to pass away soon....

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my maternal g-ma has dementia and has been going downhill rapidly. 2 weeks ago my mum called and told me that she was not eating, drinking little and coughed all the time. Yesterday, she called and told me that g-ma had been put on IV solution to try to get some liquid into her, but that it was causing more problems. The drs. told my aunt and her that they needed to take the IV out, and that my g-ma would pass away within 48 hours, probably closer to 24. All of her vital signs are as strong as they can be given the situation. My mum was crying so hard and I had to explain to her what would happen to my g-ma as the dehydration took hold (I have a genetics/biology background) which was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. She, my aunt and uncle plan to stay with g-ma through it all. The family understands that I most likely will not be able to fly up to the funeral as the cost of a flight this quickly is almost $1000 and with the bad storm coming I may physically not be able to make it.


Please keep my g-ma in your thoughts and hope that her last few hours are filled with peace and no pain. Although I am not religious, my g-ma and mum are Catholic, so please pray for her as she takes this journey.

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I remember my wonderful Gram dying in 2000 like it was yesterday. Your grandma will always live on in your heart.


I talk about my Gram all the time. My boys never met her, but they sure hear about her a lot!!


And I sing all of the songs she sang to me . . . to them.


She will definitely live on in your heart. :grouphug:



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