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Feeling guilty....

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DD has gotten seriously into dance, and is now up to classes 3 nights a week, which she loves. She also does a science class every other week during the day, a music class one evening a week, and I recently agreed to participate in a church group the other weeknight. I also work from home (I do curriculum editing for a music publisher) and teach Saturday mornings at a local college.


That seems like enough, right?


The thing is, though, our homeschool group has several moms who are constantly coming up with these great group activities, that are the kinds of things I think DD would like. Activities like "Let's all come together and explore a country. We'll share food from that country, listen to music, do crafts, make maps....." or "Let's have a kid's book club".


I love the ideas, and truthfully, at home I tend to do the reading and seat-work stuff with DD, but leave the hands-on up to her, so she doesn't get a lot of the more structured exploration. But I really, really don't want to commit to spending any more time away from home than we already are. The occasional "meet up at the skating rink for a couple of hours, skate, and exchange valentines" or park day, yes-but the idea of agreeing to do this world study, knowing that eventually it's going to be my turn to host and organize makes my head swim!


Is it OK to bow out of the academic-activities, even though I'm sure DD would enjoy them and benefit from them? It feels wrong to choose dance over talking about books or studying countries, but mommy has had enough!

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Is it OK to bow out of the academic-activities, even though I'm sure DD would enjoy them and benefit from them?




Our homeschool group has a lot of fun and interesting supplementary programs going on. We don't participate in any of them. We put a lot of time into hockey, and I work part-time, and I am a homebody. You can't (and don't need to) do everything. If your dd is enjoying what she's doing now, don't stress about adding anything, no matter how "valuable" it may be.



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