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How to sell some arrowheads?

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My dad had been given some arrowheads in display cases. His friend bought them, from a dealer and they still have price tags ranging from $5.00-$100.


The tags add up to over $800. My dad wanted my son to sell them on ebay, but in order to do that, he needed to know what each one was to write a description. My dad planed to take my son back to the dealer and have him help with descriptions. My dad thought it was likely that the dealer would offer to just buy them back from my son, because some of them are very rare.


Unfortunately, my dad died before doing this and I have no idea who the dealer is, or how to find him. I suggested that my son just take a picture of them and try to sell the lot on ebay for $500 without any information or description. He isn't ready to do that yet, and asked me to ask you all if you have a better idea.



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I believe it is only illegal to sell arrowheads that are gathered illegally.


I found this quote.


"It IS NOT LEGAL to buy, sell, or transport artifacts that are known to have been obtained from state or federal property, such as state or national parks, or Bureau of Land Management wilderness."

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