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I just want to say....

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....that I am so, so, so incredibly proud of DD10!!!


She has ADD and has a VERY hard time keeping her room clean. Honestly, the majority of the time it looks like an episode of Hoarders in there. I've posted about it before. Getting her to clean her room usually involves a lot of begging, pleading, threatening, pushing, prodding, and takes several days. And even then, it's RARELY done right.


She started a new medication this week (Vyvanse) for her ADD in addition to the one (Celexa) that she takes for her anxiety and she loves it. Yesterday, she was told that she needed to clean her room. Between yesterday and today she has cleaned the ENTIRE thing......correctly!


She has a HUGE pile of things to get rid of and another of trash. She has been VERY hard on herself as far as what she needs to keep and has made several tough decisions to get rid of things because she "just ends up piling junk on it". She, not only is doing awesome at parting with things, but she recognizes her problem areas and is dealing with them ON HER OWN! We have not prodded, reminded, begged, pleaded, or threatened once!


She has cut her things to the bare minimum in an effort to help herself keep her room cleaner, and she did it completely by herself!! I could not be more proud :)


Thanks for letting me brag a little!

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