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How do you pare down?

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I was reading a thread that talked about how many read alouds you have going on at one time. Majority said less than 4. Now I am second guessing myself.


My DS is in 1st grade and we started MFW-K last year but quickly starting stripping away because his reading was advanced and we did cursive writing rather than manuscript. So I started my first year of homeschool modifying our curriculum.


This year, I am doing mostly SCM and this is our current curriculum.

(5 day/week)




Scripture Memory


Math-U-See Alpha

SCM Genesis Through Deuteronomy


(Each 1 day/week)

Character Sketches

Book of Virtues

Hero Tales

Scotch Twins

Farmyard People

Herriot's Treasury

Parables from Nature

Aesop for Children

A Child's Garden of Verse

Men of Iron

These Happy Golden Years


Some of these are short, some are longer, some I read and some are audio.


Do you think this is too much for 1st grade? We don't spend more than 15 minutes on any given subject or book. If this is too much, how do you pare down when making your own curriculum?



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How does this seem to be working out for your ds? For you? If it is not overwhelming to him or you, then it sounds fine to me.:001_smile:


I actually add read alouds to our schedule because we love them so much. We use SL for history, readers and read alouds, but I also have another book going at the same time, generally, plus a Bible study program which we use as a read aloud. Then I add in extra read alouds during the summer, in addition to light schoolwork.

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We have a lot of read alouds going at one time... Norse Myths, Harry Pooter (audio cd), one or two books to supplement history, a book for nature studies, books for science, and then bedtime books... one for ds, one for dd, and one for both.


If it works for you and your child, then it isn't too much!

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I could see 4 if you're talking about chapter type books?


Books like Herriot's Treasury I wouldn't count because they are all individual stories, etc.


Right now we have going:


Paddle to the Sea (we read about one chapter per week)

Mr. Popper's Penguins (we read one or two chapters per day)

Cast the Gods Adrift (Daddy's read aloud)

Burgess Bird Book (one or two chapters per week)

Aesop's Fables

When We Were Young

...the list goes on...


Oh heck, here's our January book list of what we've read (and listened to) so far. I was sick for 2 weeks and I read nothing during the time so I think we did pretty good considering.



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