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Anyone here living in Williamsburg?

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I need some advice from someone 'on the ground there". Spent two hours on the phone with my cousin whose mother is returning to her home there to live alone (she is now in France but her other son is a manipulative leech who is destroying her mental health and she needs to escape him). Her only other child is a son in Houston who runs his own accounting firm and will soon be in the midst of tax season so...Houston son needs to know reputable places that might provide some sort of support in terms of watching out for his mother. She is sharp as a tack still and highly independent but has heart troubles, is frail and is just plain aged, like we all will be if we live that long, right?


I asked if he had contacted churches and he claims he has. Is there anyone who can suggest the name /number of places that might have something like a woman that would come in a few times a week to visit and be available for emergencies? This old gal is a hoot and tremendous fun. She loves playing bridge, eating crab and drinking beer. She has lived all over the world and has delightful and humorous stories to tell plus she sees herself as fully capable of taking care of herself - true on some levels but not all!


Any guidance you can provide would be terrific! She lives only a couple of miles from campus so even a college student or nursing student maybe?? Would help if they drove/had a car, I suppose. Thanks much, ladies!!



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