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How many weeks does it take to establish a habit?...

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I allow 6 weeks for a new habit to become fully internalized. A new habit can be established more quickly but IME it takes about 6 weeks for it to become automatic. BTW, this came from Charlotte Mason's child training advice, but it worked for me too, lol.

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Somebody here once told me and now I can't remember. I'm about to try to build some organizational habits and it would be comforting to know that number again.



Good habit or bad habit? The answer depends on which kind of habit! I find good habits take a long time. A bad habit takes 2 days. Go figure.

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I've heard 40 days. I've also heard 28 days. I guess you can aim for the least, but be prepared to go for 6 weeks if 21 days isn't long enough. If you're aiming for a habit, it will be something that will hopefully continue long after the habit has been formed anyway. :)


Nutella breaks all speed records when it comes to creating a habit. :tongue_smilie:

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