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I think the thread on kids who rarely get sick jinxed us...

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My house is currently a cesspool of disease with the entire family fighting a really nasty virus...fevers, coughing, sore throats, stomach ailments, fatigue, headaches...just nasty!! My husband caught it first on Tuesday and is still running a fever, dd next on Wednesday night, and the boys and I all succombed on Thursday night.

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Same here. We are rarely sick.


DS#3 was first to get a fever, cough, cold and fever. He was kind enough to pass it along to DS#1 and myself. We've both been suffering.


DS#2 only and had the sniffles. So far DH didn't catch it.


I can't wait for us all to feel better. I haven't been out the house in 10 days. I'm going to have to brave the store today because the fridge and pantry are looking pretty empty.

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Oh, I get to join in on this thread, too! One of my kids was throwing up last night and says she has a sore throat/headache.


We are so NOT going to church this morning. :lol:


My daughter's basketball coach told me yesterday that a bad cold-flu thingie is going around here.


I hope this doesn't last long!



Forgot to add: my husband is catching a flight right now for Washington DC, so he'll be missing this experience completely this week.

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Aww, I hope you all feel better. I can be superstitious. When I saw that thread, I stayed away from it, though I was tempted to reply. I learned the hard way when DH was bragging to his brother about how the kids hadnt gotten sick in a long time because we homeschool. Well, wouldn't ya know it, we all got three rounds of some viruses back to back starting the next day.

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