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SOTW scheduling with 2 kids


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My dd will complete SOTW 2 this year (2nd grade). My ds will be ready to start SOTW next year (1st grade). I'm not sure what to do with the history cycle. Should I just go on with SOTW 3, and let him absorb as much as he can from it? I know he won't be ready for the outlining in SOTW 4 in 2nd grade, but I guess I could just skip that part for him. I briefly thought about starting over with SOTW 1, but I can't stand the idea of doing the ancients again when we just did them last year! It would be really nice to have them both on the same history schedule, though!


Anyone have any experience with this? What worked for you?



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and continue with SOTW 3 next year. There are all sorts of events in SOTW 3 to engage his interests!


Have him do narrations at an age appropriate level, along with maps and coloring pages. Definitely skip the outlining in SOTW 4 :001_smile:


I followed a similar plan with ds 11 and ds 8, and it has worked out beautifully.


There's no need to go back and start over again with Ancients :001_smile:

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I am doing SOTW 3 w/a 3rd and 1st grader right now. It is fine for both. There is lots of American history that really appeals to my younger. There are not as many project ideas as in the 1st 2 books. But we do as above: the coloring pages, both do a narration now, and the occasional project.


I don't have SOTW 4 yet for next year, but I am planning on keeping them in the same cycle. I may just have to pick and choose different activities and make sure to have lots of library books on the topics for the younger.

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I'll have the same problem in a couple of years - my older boys on year 3 and a 1st grader.


I've decided not to require any history from my younger until 3rd grade, when he'll start over with SOTW 1.


There are plenty of things he already joins in with and I assume he will keep on wanting to do what the big kids are doing, but for many reasons, I am not going to assign any thing for him until 3rd grade. ;)

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Ds 8 loved SOTW 4 when he was in 2nd grade, because he was fascinated by military history - jets, tanks, weapons, etc.


I did a bit of editing in some of our read alouds, however, and as I recall, I edited one or two lines in SOTW 4 when reading about events such as the Holocaust in order to keep the material at a an appropriate level for a 2nd grader.


The rest of SOTW was fine for both of my dc; if you have a sensitive child or one who is easily worried about world events, however, you may want to do a bit of pre-reading.

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Guest cseydel

My oldest started SOTW 1 in grade 1 and we continued through the cycle. My second child followed along a little bit, but we didn't really "do" SOTW with her the same way, because she was having difficulty following the chapters as they become longer and more detailed as the books progress.


My problem this year is that my three kids are in grades 4, 2, and K. Oldest is ready to start SOTW4, but the preface strongly suggests that you NOT do this book with younger siblings.


I am torn between:


a. just forge ahead and deal with any problems as they arise

b. do SOTW4 with oldest only, and just try to follow along with appropriate library books for the younger kids, then start over with SOTW1 next year when they are in grades 5, 3, and 1 (two will be on the "correct" cycle)

c. start over with SOTW1 this year so middle child gets a chance to practice listening and narrating back

d. skip SOTW4 this year, and just do state history with all three kids, then start fresh with SOTW1 next year


Any advice? Anybody successfully navigated this stage of SOTW? I am really stressed about this, and I know I'm over-thinking it, but some perpective would be greatly appreciated.




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