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Affect of Health Care Reform on Health Care Jobs??

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REALLY not trying to start a debate. I've tried Googling for this, but it's really hard to get any hits for exactly what I'm looking for.


I am thinking about continuing my degree for my RN. I figure by the time I'm done my oldest will be 16, so they can school themselves by that point, or maybe they'll be going to charter school by then. Who knows...


Before I really delve deep into applying for college or anything, I'd like to find some resources on how this HCR bill has affected / will affect health care careers.


Does anyone have any links to good articles regarding this?

Has it been discussed here before?

If we're allowed to share our opinions about this, please do! I like to hear what other people think. :)



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If anything Healthcare Reform will improve healthcare jobs since there will be less uninsured IMHO. I would be more concerned that tons of people of have into nursing since there is demand. Therefore you will want to make sure the market is not flooded and research the expected nursing needs. I think I have read that the demand is still there but you will want to research this yourself. I have been an RN for over 20 years and there were times there was a little bit of a glut of nurses and then others mostly where there was a shortage. I think the baby boomers will cause a greater need.

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