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Transcripts...How many of you include the + and - in the grading??

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I have been told by several people to keep them out of the transcript and just do the A, B, C, D and F only. No + or -


Do you keep them or do away with them?





I was planning on doing two transcripts. One that just listed letter grades (no + or -) and another with grade %. That way I just was covered either way-LOL.


But now that we are moving to PA soon, I guess I don't have to worry too much about writing a transcript since the diploma program we will be doing will handle that as well as issue a diploma. I am not sure yet how all that works out though and I am still sifting through the information.

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I also skipped the pluses and minuses on the transcript. My daughter did take classes at the local community college which gave grades with pluses and minuses; I simply dropped them to give A, etc. Since we had transcripts sent from the community college, I felt that all of the colleges were getting the complete picture.




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I'll be the different one and say I use the + and -. It's a truer picture, to me, of the work they did, or did not do, as the case may be. If my child got a low B- grade, giving them a B wouldn't be true to what they did, and gives them a falsely higher gpa.


I have a grade rubric that I include at the bottom of the transcript that breaks it down easily, and show's the % of what they got to earn the grade I gave them. It makes it just as easy to do my transcript grades as if I used only letter grades with no + or -, and, I feel it gives a truer picture of what they did!


This is all just mho, and why I do it the way I do.


Other than ease of making out the transcript, do colleges not like +'s or -'s? I haven't heard this concept before, so am just curious!

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