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SOTW older and revised version ?'s


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I have the older (2003) the Story of the World Vol. 2. I ordered the activity book (should be here next week) but it is the revised edition. On their website they say that the old edition is compatible with the new activity book.


But what about the audio cd's? (I still need to order them.) Are the revised compatible with the old book? Has anyone here combined old and new versions? Have you run into any problems?

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Yes they will work. The words did not change at all. The text has some font changes, the most changes were in the AG, and there is a new reader on the CD's, I am not sure if the tests changed or not.


We are doing SOTW 1 this year. We are using the old text, old AG, new CD's, new student pages, new tests. Except for sometimes our map instructions are a little off (the new maps are much better though), it all works fine.


That said, there are some copies of the original SOTW 2 CD's for sale at PHP for $19.95 http://www.welltrainedmind.com/store/originals

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