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I have a ds who was 'at risk' for autism as an infant as he wouldn't make eye contact. We intervened intensively being in his face all the time he was away and holding him almost all the time. In 2 weeks he went from 75% avoidance to 75 % looking at us.

He doesn't make great eye contact now, but seems social (I'm still discerning on the talking to me or at me...)...He frequently doesn't respond to his name, and occassionally calls himself by his name or his brother's name...this rarely happens, though.

Academically he is solidly in the middle...I would say. Except that at 5 years 11 months he was reading on the 3rd-4th grade leve. He is reading Narnia to me for his reading, though he has too many wiggles to get throuh more than one page at a setting. He reads occassionally for fun, but not very often. He is very, very into legos, some into the computer and a little into basketball. He has a terrible time sitting still for a meals or church. These are non-negotiable at our house.

I have several others on the spectrum (SID, NVLD and yes even Aspergers) so while others think his reading is great (and I'm enjoying it as he is in the midst of sibs w/ dyslexia!) it makes me unsettled ...




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Not so much the reading, but the other things you mentioned, sound a lot like my son, who is Asperger's. However, those traits could describe a typical child as well if it is occurring to a lesser degree. Although I'm sure you're familar with that. Anyway, my aspie son is reading several years above his level, but so was I. I went through the public school system in my own reading group of one :tongue_smilie:


It is great that he understands what he's reading, I really think reading has helped my little guy bridge the gap with regard to understanding emotions, feelings, how people typically communicate (or ought to) and of course reading helps with how he uses language.

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as least I know I'm not seeing "ghosts"...


Any recommendations at now 6 years old?


I havea child that wasn't dx'ed til 14, but I 'knew" for 6 years before that. But I thought maybe it was personality, or gender, or I was being too hard on him, but really I knew. Even though I already knew alot about Aspergers, I didn't want to have to convince others.


Now, I know there is little I can do ...but God is working and he's beginning to cooperate w/ me a bit more


I guess I watch my little guy for awhile. I don't see any SID in him, which is odd as 5 out of my 10 exhibit some or alot of that!

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I have a daughter with Asperger's who is also hyperlexic. She began reading at age 3 on her own and has been an obsessive reader ever since. Now at age 13, she is my highest functioning Aspie and she wants nothing more than to be a writer.


The only concern with hyperlexia is comprehension.. My daughter's comprehension is age appropriate, but she was reading at adult level when she was still in elementary school. Probably not comprehending that high though.


She also is a phenomenal speller, which is a huge benefit. She loves being hyperlexic.

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