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A Little History of the World/Story of Mankind


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First semester we used Gombrich's A Little History as our spine. I used some Kingfisher, some Usborne, some titles from the You Wouldn't Want to Be series, and various other things. We made mini-books and whatnot.


We did get through half the book. It was going fine and I would have continued, but I put my little man in CC this semester.


If you want to see some more details, you can go to my blog (link in sig) and look at the homeschool week in review blogs from first semester.




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Last year for Ancients, my then 7th grader used the first 18 chapters of A Little History as a spine for first semester. He read one chapter and wrote a summary of it every week. He used Augustus Ceasar's World for second semester. This year for Middle Ages, he's using History Odyssey which assigns reading from The Story of Mankind.


Other than for Ancients, I don't think A Little History is complete enough to use as a spine. For whatever reason, Gombrich spent more in the Ancients than any other period.


If you wanted to do a one year world history study A Little History would be a great spine, especially if you coordinated it with Kingfisher or Usborne.

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