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Valentine Care Package ideas for college niece

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I'm going to put together a Valentine care package to send to my niece in college. I am going to put in some Valentine panties, a Sonic gift card, and microwave popcorn, but I am looking for some other ideas. Her roommate is "dieting" so my sil said to keep sweets such as candy to a minimum - no more than one bag. I'm sending this to my niece, not her roommate, but, whatever. So, since treats are "limited" I need some other thoughts. I want it to be fun and festive, so cute packaging ideas are also welcome!




ETA: She is NOT a girlie girl at all, so jewelry won't work.

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lip gloss


t-shirt or cami


lounge pants or shorts




hand towel for kitchen or bath




window clings


key chain


ink pens


trail mix


Kleenex pkgs.




Of course, all of the above in fun/holiday patterns/packages. I don't have any great packaging ideas--sorry! I usually just put the items in a gift bag or box w/holiday-themed tissue paper.




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Just wanted to say when I was in college my mom sent me a Valentine Care package. Getting any mail at all was so exciting when I was in school - not just for the recipient but for all her friends as well. So when an actual package arrived, I was asked by my friends to open it so they could share in the fun too. We were headed to lunch after checking our mail so I opened it in the dining hall.


Well, I pulled out the candy and then saw some valentine fabric tucked in there. I thought perhaps it was a scarf or a hankie, so quickly whipped it out and displayed for everyone in the dining hall a beautiful pair of valentine undies. I was mortified but my friends got a good hearty laugh out of it.


Soooo - label the package "Open in your dorm room!":D

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