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Togetherville changes

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Is this like a facebook for kids? What are the changes they want to make?


Yes, it's a social network for kids who aren't old enough for Facebook, and kids' accounts are linked to a parent's FB account. The first link in my OP has a short video that explains it pretty well.

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I'm having a hard time with the pages. I can't even figure out what is going on. I love how they give you less than 2 days to take care of the issue. I have company coming in a few hours so I don't have time to mess around trying to figure out Togetherville.


I questioned it initially, but after reading the COPPA page here, it seems legitimate request. (See numbers 32 and 33 in particular.) I assume the site is going out of Beta soon. It does really bug me that they locked the kids' accounts right away and are requiring an immediate response from parents with no warning that there were even changes coming, especially since we already went through a multi-step process to even set up accounts for our kids in the first place.


My kids really like the site and use it regularly, so I'll probably go ahead and let them continue on Togetherville.

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Well I finally got the page to load. It looks like they want to verify the parents account using a credit card number. I am totally opposed to that. I don't want to give them my credit card number.


If you don't want to provide a CC number, there's a form you can print out and sign, then fax, mail or scan/email back.

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