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Picture aids for letter sounds

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For anyone needing good pictures to help their child remember letter sounds, the first Laubach book may help. For example, for a, there is a picture of an apple with the letter a drawn into the apple. For w, there is a woman holding up her arms and a w traced over her arms. For o, they have a letter o drawn over an olive. (For an o memory aid, I personally like, "What does the dentist have you say when you open your mouth? What shape is an open mouth?")


Anyway, here is the ISBN:


The Laubach Way to Reading Skill Book 1: Sounds and Names of the Letters,

©1981 [1991], ISBN 0-88336-901-X

by Frank C. Laubach, Elizabeth Mooney Kirk, and Robert S. Laubach.


The 1991 version has a more modern font with an a like an o with a line on the right side, the 1981 version has a Times Roman type of font.


Also, they supposedly have a chart you can order, but I didn't see how, one place you can order the 1991 books is here, you can also find them through Alibris or ABE books.



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