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Music Appreciation and Character Teaching for Little Ones


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Ok, I want to do something a little more structured than simply listening to classical music. I'd like something with bios and a breakdown of some of the famous works by each composer so we can talk about it. What do you all use for learning about composers and doing music appreciation? I need some suggestions.......This is for early elementary.


Also, what does everyone enjoy for character training? I've looked at the FIAR character supplement and I like the book selections they use. Has anyone used this? Is it worthwhile? The character supplement from Barefoot Books just didn't look meaty enough for us. Suggestions please!!



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I really like Classics for Kids. All the radio shows are archived on the site and there are printables to go along.


I don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for, but Shiver Academy has units for downloading that go along with William Bennett's The Book of Virtues.


Thanks for the resources. I think I'm going to use some of the Classics for Kids for my daughter to listen to. It sounds like something she will enjoy.


And I had not seen the download for the Book of Virtues. That is a HUGE file with lots of info so I'm going to look through it. Thank you!

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