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Just for fun. Do you have nail polish on your toe nails?

Do you have nail polish on your toe nails?  

  1. 1. Do you have nail polish on your toe nails?

    • Yes in some fashion or another I've got polish on my toe nails
    • No, I don't see any polish on my toe nails what so ever

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If you do, what color?


Not polish, but a friend recently taught me a neat trick. I now henna my toenails. It lasts longer than polish, and the color is pretty, though I can't think of how best to describe it. "Burnt orange" doesn't really do it justice, but it's a close as I can get.

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You forgot other. It is very possible we have someone here without any toes.

No toes probably means no toenails hence no polish on them. :D

None that I will admit to, anyway! (And I'm not telling my favorite color!)

I'm going to have to get Momsinthegarden off to a quiet corner for a chat. :lol:

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I had polish on my toes constantly (like since I was 13?) until last winter. Now, I wear polish in spring/summer but not in winter. (So, none now.) I heard it's good to let your toenails breathe. But...it's almost that time again!

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How funny that you posted this question this morning. I just threw some socks on because I had a friend coming to drop off her child for a playdate and my toenails are half painted. Not half painted like I was in the middle of painting them, but a little bit on each toenail because I haven't painted them well since the cold weather came.:lol:

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Nothing right now. I typically don't paint my toenails in winter since I wear socks all the time. In the summer, I used my all-time favorite blue! I've used the same gorgeous blue for over 10 years (it was getting low and quite thick) and FINALLY found another blue that is close and I like just as much! I was so excited:D

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