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I'm buying a Keurig...do I want the programmable version?

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I am getting either the elite or the special edition. The only major difference is that the special edition is programmable. But if I only ever brew one cup at a time...do I really need to program it ahead? I do sometimes use the programmer on my old pot but that is because I brew a half pot. The special edition also brews one more cup size but it is the smallest size and I would never use that anyway. Any advice?

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I'm not trying to be snarky -- I just wonder why you would need a programmable Keurig. (I'm picturing something that you'd program the night before so it was ready for you first thing in the morning. That's probably not even what you mean!)


We have the Platinum edition, and within a few minutes of turning it on, it's ready to brew. (It takes me that long to get out a cup and choose which flavor of coffee I want, anyway. :tongue_smilie:)



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You can do either. Mine was set to just "stay on" and now is somehow (mysteriously??) set to go off sometimes. When you keep it plugged in.. and you flip the switch... probably about 2 minutes or under to "be ready" to go. I actually wouldn't care so much about that... but.... I like the part of the ice tea. I didn't think I'd use that... But I have the reusable little cup thing for brewing... and I just put a bag in there (or more) and then stick the bag in the tea after... get the ice of cup ready... put sugar in the hot tea (small amount) and pour over ice. Fresh ice tea :) I like having the small option :)

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