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Opinions on 4th grade BJU DVD Science?


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BJU 4 Science on DVD and online is brand new this year, so it has all the latest science updates and technology, and it has Mrs. Dunn. My dc really love her as a teacher. And if you get the online version, your dc can do blogging and note-taking online, which is really fun for them. I highly recommend this course!


We are also just starting back with MFW this year, and I have been trying to figure out how we could use both BJU Science and MFW's science, at various times. MFW Science can often be done in 2 or 3 days, leaving another 2 or 3 days available for BJU Science, if you wanted to pick and choose between these 2 really great programs. Also, I have learned that if you get BJU's online version for science 4, you can begin it in June and have it available to use until December of the following year, which actually gives you up to 18 months of use instead of the 13 months that they give you to lease the DVD's. That means that you could stretch out your BJU science and mesh it with MFW science if you wanted to use it that way.



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