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What age/grade level is optimal for PR2?


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What age/grade level is optimal for PR2 if you aren't using PR to teach a child to read? Is there one? I am trying to decide how to approach PR with my DD8's, technically they are second grade this year. Should I just accelerate them through PR1 and start PR2 for third grade?


(My oldest DD is working through PR1 at a week each day right now to learn the tunes, markings, and to cement the sounds before I accelerate her through level 2, my youngers are running around the house singing rule tunes to irritate her, they can't wait to get started. :lol:) I was planning to finish AAS2 before beginning PR1 with them, but they might not be to happy with that now.

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I'd start them in 1 and go as fast as comfy. It will actually accomplish 2 things for you. 1. A Nice review of AAS 1 - 2 (PR is kinda like AAS 1-3) and 2. Get them comfy with the markings before you start 2, which will go full on with the grammar and literature/writing sections.


Somewhere in 2nd grade is a good place to start Level 2, but I found, and of course on this one, YMMV, it was nice to move slowly on a good bit of the grammar. My boys (both 8 also) needed to stop and absorb a time or too. It also is nice to be in level 3 a little later. It's hefty :)


We switched to our new 3 days per week of each sectiont the boys are really happy and so am I b/c we've cut some time off our school day and the pace allows for soaking in. Language arts takes very little time, but it tremendously effective and they are LOVING the literature study. My son actually referred to Bob Fulton as, Bobby, the other day, like they're buddies. It was really cute!


Here's how we're moving through Level 3 (my boys are 8 in 2nd and 3rd grades):

Mon: Grammar, Lit.

Tues: Spelling, Lit

Wed: Grammar

Thurs: Spelling, Lit.

Fri: Spelling, Grammar


The point in sharing this is there's no need to rush. You've got plenty of time to get through all 4 levels. And if you want a sneak peek at level 4, I did blog about my lesson planning thusfar. I only did a little bit, b/c that's all I needed for this year, but man oh man, I just love this program more and more!

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So far as teaching to read, I'd say just the same as any other program, reading readiness is your guide. I'm slooooowly going through 1 with ds 5. We went from letter of the week to letter of the day, with a slower pace this week b/c he needed the review and time to let it all stick. I am Amazed at how well this works as a teach reading method. I feel so much more secure in what he's learning And Applying already than with my other dc, who used other things.


Jesse, aka, LoveBaby, is also using it to teach reading and is really pleased. We've both blogged about it. Mine is under Letter of the Week (in siggy) and Here is Jesse's blog.

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