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I told dh everything everyone said. So, I planned to take him shopping tomorrow....his only weekend off between now and the conferences. But, we are going to get five inches of snow tonight with blowing and since we live in HICKVILLE, we won't be plowed out until the 2 or 3 p.m. With a two hour drive to our nearest Nordstroms, we can't go. Dh has to take a conference call at 7 p.m. that night. Yeah, having a day off doesn't mean the whole day off on his current project. Another reason it would be wonderful if he could get into this group.


So, I have to go on Monday and shop for him. IT'S A VERY EXCELLENT THING THAT MY MOTHER IS AN INCREDIBLE SEAMSTRESS AND TAILOR! Buying two suits he's never tried on at Nordstrom's prices is going to be NERVE WRACKING!


I've gone online and had him look at ties. Hopefully, this will be fairly representative of what the store carries. If you have a moment, please look at the link and tell me what you think of his choices. I hope it's okay to post this link!





He likes row 1 tie 4, row 2 tie 5, and row 12 tie 2. I use the term "likes" loosely...tolerates is more like it. He loves to dress up when given the opporunity but he HATES striped ties. I told him he had to because Carol in CA said so, and the hive is the supreme authority on all questions in life!!! He snorted and said something about being "stung". LOL



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I would have chosen the first two as well, the third choice is very good too.

Will you be able to get those before you get the suits?

Shopping without the person who is wearing this would cause me a coronary but I assume if all fails, Nordstroms will exchange things...

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