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Great day!!!

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I just had to come and post what a great schooling day we had today. I pulled my ds out of school because he has the language arts skills of a 2nd grader. We have been trying to get sentence writing to "click" in his mind all year. He knows all the mechanics and rules but to get a good sentence, forget a paragraph, out of him was like pulling my own teeth.


Last night I was brainstorming about what I could do to help him and I was thinking about his strengths. He is my math guy. We are doing pre algebra right now and he solves the problems in his head!! So I thought I might try setting LA up like math.


I assigned each part of the sentence a letter a=article, b=nouns, and so on. Then I started with the basics...b+c (noun + verb). We got all the way up to a+b+c+d+e....article, noun, verb, adverb and adjective. He did it!! And the best part...he even gave me a paragraph!! I cried!!


So now I'm going to assign all the different parts of a sentence a letter and write out some equations!! We might actually get to 7th grade level LA by the end of the year!!

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