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Trying to decide between FLL and R&S for 4th grader


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Hello all!

I'm making plans for the fall already - my DH likes to know ahead of time what to expect and plan for as far as $$ goes.


So here is my question.


We are doing Classical Conversations (CC) in the fall for the first time. My son will be doing only Foundations for the first year at least.

He's doing R&S grade 3 this year and is doing fine with it. It does seem like a lot of writing, but I have him do just odd numbers, or just the worksheet if there is one for that lesson. He's been diagramming sentances and learning about compound sentances, subjects, predicates, etc.


BUT I'm thinking of going more along with FLL and WWE. My son gets frustrated easily with too much or too hard of work. I think the gentle approach is better for him.


Would FLL and WWE (along with what he'll do at CC) be plenty thorough enough?


What level of FLL would I start him on? Would level 4 be okay?

We're doing WWE 1 this year, but I want to start him on WWE 3 in the fall. Is is okay to skip WWE 2? I want to give him more challenging and "on target" work.



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I guess there really are just varying opinions. Its hard to pick one. I keep going back and forth in my head!


I see that FLL stops after the fourth level, and then I'd have to get a new English program anyway. I just see FLL as being a lot more "gentle" on my DS. Also, I think it will go well with the CC program.


I'm just wondering if I should stick with R&S 4 for next year, but also do WWE 3. hmmm

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I see that FLL stops after the fourth level,

Grade 5- Advanced Language Lessons is supposed to be out in Oct! (and we are all hoping levels 6, 7, and 8 come out quickly after that ;)).


It is fine to start at level 4 in FLL, but R&S and WWE would be a fine combo too.


I wouldn't skip WWE 2. The jump from 2 to 3 is big and if you really can't fit in all four books, I think level 4 is the one to skip. The dictations in WWE 2 are tricky and in level 3 even worse ;) (I happen to think the length and difficulty level of the dictations in WWE 4 are too much, that is why we skip level 4).

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My dd really struggled through R & S English 3 last year. So I decided to go a different route and buy BobJones English 4. It was a mistake, she wasn't ready for the writing lessons in BobJones. Anway, we ended up switching back to Rod & Staff English 4 about 5 weeks into the school year. What a difference a year makes! She has breezed right through it, and I am impressed with her ability to do more of the written work without complaining. I wouldn't put R & S on the shelf, it is a very good English program that does get easier.

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