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Rice Cooker/Steamer without nonstick bowl

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I use my rice steamer all the time with rice and grains, so much so that the nonstick coating is coming off and I need to replace it. I would really prefer one with a large glass, steel or enameled bowl. Is there such a thing? I was casually looking the other day in Target and saw one with a plastic bowl but I don't like the plastic idea.


Any suggestions? We would use it for all kinds of rice and grains.

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We absolutely love our Zojirushi rice cooker. Unfortunately, it has a nonstick bowl and we don't like using nonstick. But we bought this one anyway because it is sooooo good. We are super careful to only use the plastic spoons it came with our wooden spoons. We do know that at some point we will have to replace the nonstick but we will just buy a new bowl from the company. I love setting the timer ahead and having stuff ready. It cooks rice, steel cut oats and all sorts of grains perfectly. Good luck in your search.



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.It's very easy to just make rice in a regular pot. One part rice, two parts water and cook on low in a firmly lidded pot for 20 minutes and it's done!


Ah, yes, but you can't do rice and fish and veggies all at once and have it automatically turn off when it's done, then sit there and keep things warm for a bit while you finish the laundry or what-have-you. Having made a rice dish in a regular pot yesterday, compared to making the same dish in a rice cooker, well, I can't wait to get back to my rice cooker!


(RECIPE: In the rice cooker, saute 1 onion and some garlic in a wee bit of butter. Add a sliced red pepper, saute a bit more. Add 1 cup rice, and 1 can beef broth (2 cups) plus 1/2 cup water. Stir a bit. Put 8oz washed and sliced mushrooms on top. (Don't stir them in.) Walk away and do something else for a while. Leave it sit on warm for about 5 minutes after it clicks - the butter will develop a nice golden-brown part on the bottom. When it's done, serve with feta cheese - I like the feta-in-brine from Trader Joe's. A nice hearty lunch.)

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