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Wii Questions - DDR vs Just Dance, Outdoor Adventure Mat, & Balance Board

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We just got Just Dance for Kids for DD8 for Christmas and we all LOVE IT! Just Dance was recommended by DS20's girlfriend because it does not require a mat or anything to use. I purchased the 'Kids' version because I liked the song selection. The game is a LOT of fun and those kids on the game CAN REALLY DANCE!!

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I'm going to be the odd man out and say that I'm not a big Just Dance fan. You hold the remote just in one hand, so really it's only registering where that one hand is. DD10 likes it okay, but isn't thrilled with it. We used to have DDR with our PS2 and LOVED it. It's all about footwork and I guess we like that better. When you get really good, you can add your own arms in. With our PS2 you could have multiple mats.


If I was to pick, I would pick DDR over Just Dance any day.

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We'd like to add a "dance" game to our collection. I would prefer it help wth rythm and timing.


What would be the pro's con's of Just Dance vs Dance Dance Revolution with the mat?


We have Outdoor Adventure, could that mat be used with DDR? Can DDR be used with 2 mats?


Are there any other games that support the mat from Outdoor Adventure?


We also have Wii Fit/Balance Board, I've considered possibly adding a game for that.


Any recommendations?


The mats aren't interchangeable. DDR can use multiple mats.

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We chose Just Dance so that both DDs could play together. The feet not being detected is not a problem for one child, but the other will try toget away with just moving arms.


Extreme challenge is very popular here and again can be used by both at once.


We also enjoy EA Sports Active Personal Trainer which can also be multi player.


The inability to have more than one play at once was a big negative against the balance board for us.

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