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I asked this in the K-8 curriculum forum and got no answer

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I am looking for a good book to use as a spine about bugs/insects. We are doing our first rotation this year. So I'm doing "biology" with the kids. We have KF 1st Animal Encyclopedia, and the Human Body one. I have not got Green Thumbs yet. But we did a lot of the human body last year, and the kids are REALLY into bugs and stuff, so I thought I'd substitute the bugs and insects for the human body, and still be in the "biology" realm. But I need a book that would be good to use, and interesting for a 1st and 2nd grader...


Any suggestions??? Thanks :)

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Old Fashioned Education has a link to The Insect Folk on it's kindergarten curriculum page. You might look into that- it's on Gutenburg as a free download so it's worth it to check it out. Also' date=' there are some other older elementary science books on Gutenburg that could be helpful.[/quote']


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Apologia Zoology Flying Creatures has several chapters on insects. I have learned WAY more than I ever wanted to about bugs! My son loved the readings and experiments, especially the Lazarus one where you "drown" a bug and then bring it back to life. Also be sure to check out you tube videos when you are studying certain insects, there are plenty of disgusting bug vids on there!

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