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It's amazing how much dirtier your kitchen is

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when you put on glasses to clean. That or I'm just learning to ignore things.


I've been doing the mad-dash cleaning of my kitchen (it's the room you walk into at our house and I *HATE* it (we're not allowed to use that word much in our house, but it's appropriate here) as we have company coming this evening, and I had taken a break to sit and eat and read a bit. I forgot to take off my glasses when I went back to wipe down my cabinets quickly..and holy moly...they're SO much dirtier with my glasses on LOL

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I have near glasses and far glasses. I almost always wear the ones for far sight so I have just the opposite problem. I can clearly see things far away but if I take the glasses off, I can suddenly see the details up close. So I can clean the kitchen and then later whne I take my glasses off, I realize it looks like it was cleaned by a five year old. :glare:

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