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Teenagers! *banghead*

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Sorry, here's my rant for the day...it's minor, so feel free to ignore me.


Just got an email from one my highschooler's teachers. She's been giving him loose leaf paper and asked him to get a fresh pkg from home since he's out of paper apparently. He told her he "couldn't get any from home" and if that was the case she would buy him some. :confused: Granted, I don't have an open stock of it here, because all the kids have helped themselves and they are hidden away in their binders. I didn't know he had run out because HE NEVER TOLD ME! :glare: Goodness, I really hope that the teacher understands that this is a matter of my kid being so up in his own world that he doesn't alway communicate until last minute or after the fact. Sorry, kid, but you wanted to fly, you are flying...but you have to communicate with me (and yes, I communicate with him...everyday I take him and a neighbour kid to school and home again. I ask both of them about their day, about their classes, how are things going, did they get their assignments done, how much and what homework they have that night, about tests, etc...there is no reason he could not have mentioned that he was out of paper other than he probably forgets to until he actually needs it, then promptly forgets again).

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