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How much physics and chemistry in jr. high to be ready for 9th grade biology?

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I've been researching and learning about 8th-high school science. I need to ask a general science question.



  • Since dd is using BJU Life Science (B+ to A- grades) and Lial's BCM (B grades mostly)
  • Since we plan to use CPO physical science (physics and chemistry) and Lial's Intro to Alg. I in 8th grade..

then, she will have had jr. high biology, physics, and chemistry and Alg. I before 9th grade. How helpful will these classes be in preparing for 9th grade biology?


I've read MANY posts about biology, and most if not all indicate that biology is based on a thorough knowledge in chemistry. I just want to have an idea if we'll be ready. I've wondered since reading all the biology posts if we should just do a middle school chemistry ALL year in 8th grade instead of half a year of both physics and chemistry. But then, chemistry is aided by having a good base in physics!:willy_nilly:


And......it looks like AP science would happen after an introductory course. [Ex: college-prep biology (chemistry) before AP biology (chemistry)]. Right??? That might have to wait until 11th or 12 grade. I certainly wouldn't expect to be able to do AP biology after the jr. high line-up... which makes me question using Campbell's Concepts and Connections.


So, does it look like we'll be ready for high school biology with the life science and CPO physical science background?


I haven't chosen a 9th grade biology, but I'm researching Science Shepherd, Campbell's Exploring Life, (maybe Concepts and Connections but I think this is AP...), and maybe Miller-Levine Biology. I need something that is easy for a non-sciency MOM.


Thinkwell, Hippocampus, and Khan Academy all look like wonderful supplements, and I have no idea about labs. Several posters seem to like LabPaq (I think that is the right name.)

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