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Tried CSMPs 'strings and arrows' last night ...

Amy Jo

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with my 8 year old ('Mr. Concrete'). MEP had the usual skip counting and chain addition/subtraction - ya know - where he usually just stares at me like I have three eyes? Well I showed him how the arrows worked with +2. Then we did MEP which was +100 no problem. He had almost no issues with repeatedly subtracting 20 from 1000 (he had to think about the first number being 980, not 180).


I'm :D (Venn diagrams and the mini computer are next!)




(CSMP is a free math program, there was a thread about it not long ago.)

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I have really started liking CSMP. We did the first two lessons on negative numbers last week and they went quite well. My dd likes stories very (very) much and this fits her style perfectly. (BTW I added the negative sign to the numbers with hats.)


We also did two first grade worksheets on Venn diagrams and she got that concept too. I introduced the arrows last night; we'll see how it goes..


All the best!

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