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Laser vs. Ink

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I used to have a laser printer that we found beside a dumpster (still in package...) it worked GREAT until the kids broke it. We bought toner once and printed tons of stuff!!!!


I estimated that it costs 5.7 cents per page for ink, compared to 3.5 cents per page for toner. Of course, this is by their standards... I print WAY more than 600 pages on my ink, so I bet I would print MORE than the 2,500 on the toner.


It prints incredibly fast! You also don't need to worry as much if you have enough to print a workbook.


But, OTOH, the printer is pretty pricey..

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I couldn't go back to an inkjet after having a laser printer. Not only are the cartriges inexpensive but they print SOOOOO much more per cartridge and are a lot faster. I have a Brother DCP 7040. Toner is about 50 bucks but I only have to purchase it 2 a year. I print a lot and I do mean a lot!! Tonight alone I probably did close to 200 pages.

If you go with a Brother check out the reviews on Amazon. There is a little trick to making the toner last even longer. We did the trick and I think we got close to 3000 pages out of the last toner! :)


Laser printer= love

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My husband says that our laser printer (current) is far more economical than our ink-jet (previous) printer.


With the ink-jet printer I was replacing the toner approximately every 3 months. It was costing me about $120 a year for re-furbished toner cartridges.


We got our laser printer used. It had toner cartridges in it, but they were flashing that they were out of toner. I continued to print with them for several more months (and I print a lot). The laser printer has 4 toner cartridges which cost me roughly $140 (if I remember correctly) to replace. I've been printing about a year on those cartridges and they still aren't saying that they are out of ink.


The laser printer also prints faster. Remarkably fast.


There's a place on the computer where we can see how many pages we've printed, but I don't know how to access it.

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