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Steck Vaugn Spelling--sample words


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I've been investigating spelling programs for my ds8 and I think this is what we're going to go with. The problem is that I can't find any real samples (beyond the table of contents) so I don't know what level to get for him. If there is anyone who has level 2 or 3, could you post just a few examples of the kinds of words they cover in those levels? Maybe a few from the beginning and a few from the end. DS is in third grade, but I'm wondering if I should go back to level 2 for him. Hoping this isn't a copyright problem as I'm only looking for a handful of words so that I can place him properly. TIA!

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We have level 1 and 4.. so I'm not much help specifically.. I can tell you that the words in level 1 (they don't start with actual words until around lesson 17) are very easy for my 1st grader.. we skipped the entire first part of the book (it was just "write the starting sound" etc..) so based on the words I've seen in level 1..I'd think that an 8 year old who is on grade level (3rd?) would find level 2 rather easy.. but again.. I haven't seen level 2 or 3.


Level 4 is just right for my 4th grader..


This spelling program is what most of the public schools use around here.. with the levels corresponding to grades.. so 2 for 2nd.. 3 for 3rd..


eta: I did remember I have a much older SV Spelling book level 2.. now I cannot compare it to the current edition, however my very old (same year as the level 2 I have) level 4 has nearly identical lists to the current level 4 that I have.. so.. I'm not sure how much they change the lists.. doesn't seem like much.


In the level 2 that I have.. Lesson 1's words include: Girls, Our, Him, Them, Child


Lesson 10's words include: Drop, Dock, Pond, Stop


Lesson 28's words include: Zoo, room, moon, blue


Did you want more lessons?

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