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Welsh and Finnish languages

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My dd has a birthday approaching soon and has asked for a Welsh and Finnish grammar and/or dictionary. I've checked Amazon and truly haven't a clue here...:lol: If anyone has any experience with either of these languages, would you please share any suggestions. Please.:D


She is interested in becoming an etymologist. She would also like anything on the old English languages such as Anglo-Saxon...I think. Any ideas for this?



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This looks good, thank you. I'm pretty sure I'll get this one. I like the pictures and I like that I can get a lot of use from it. If I know my younger dd, she will be pulled into some of this too.



I found this one that I think she will like: http://www.amazon.com/Word-Origins-Their-Romantic-Stories/dp/0517265745/ref=sr_1_8?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1296155858&sr=1-8#_ for a general etymology type book.


It looks interesting to me!

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And one more follow-up question.


If my dd is serious (and I know she is now) about etymology (and she still holds on to the plan to have history and literature play a role in her future), then how important are languges for her right now?


We will study Latin and French. Should we add Greek?


Just curious...

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If you can swing it, you might eventually look into the Teaching Company lecture series called The History of the English Language, by Seth Lehrer. Also, you might look at Excavating English by Ellen McHenry. Neither of these are birthday gift material, but study material for later (though the Ellen McH one could be good for her now, if she's 8th grade.) If she has interest in Tolkien, Middle Earth, LoTR, you might look into books about Tolkien's development of Elvish languages, as he had a great interest and gift for studying Welsh/Old English/Anglo-Saxon languages and used these as the basis for his invented languages.

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Thank you, those are great suggestions! I'll look at those.


Yes! This is where this interest was inspired. She is reading everything she can find on Tolkien, LOTR and even the elvish language. She's a bit obsessed right now...:lol:This is exactly why she wants to study these particular languages.

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Oh, thank you both ladies! I'm always amazed at the wealth of knowledge here.


Kareni, your link from Angela looks very interesting. I can't wait to read through that more carefully!


Rosie, I will show my dd the Viking Answer Lady today. I know she will be thrilled!

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