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Saxon or TT?

Just Robyn

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My son is doing McRuffy Color Math 3 this year (supplemented by MM and Key to Decimals) and for fourth grade I'd like him to do something more independent. I am deciding between TT and Saxon and have some questions.


I know I have read many negative reviews of TT (and some good ones, but that's not relevant to the question) but it *seems* like those tend to be about the higher levels, like algebra. I think we would be using TT5. Can anyone tell me if the lower levels are more liked in general?


Would TT be more acceptable (to those who found it to be not enough) if supplemented by MM (and at the higher levels maybe LOF)?


We tried and did not like Saxon 1-3. It is my understanding that starting with 5/4 (and on up... forever?) the books are independent, do not have scripting, and do not have black and white worksheets (because everything is written out on notebook paper). Is all this true?


Is there anyone who did not like Saxon 1-3 (for the reasons above, not bec of the pace) for whom Saxon 5/4 or 6/5 worked well?


Do the DIVE CDs make the program more independent?

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