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What do you do to get jump-started in the morning?

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Soooo, we started late. Deciding to school them all was a bit of a last minute decision, so I wasn't prepared. I finally finished WTM sometime in late August or September. My husband's job allows for "on-call" pay which is my homeschooling money. Well the screwed him out of it in August and September. So I ordered what I could in October, and some in November. We got started in November. Then Christmas his, which takes a big financial toll on our family and A LOT of my time. I hadn't realized how swamped I'd be. So NOTHING for December. Now keep in mind the older are doing their Saxon, R&S Grammar, Great Books, and History. We're supposed to be doing Latin.... but uh, yeah :blush: The only thing really missing is Science. It's the 2nd and 1st graders that are missing out :( Every day I feel bad, and say I'll do better the next day, but I am just dragging, and I don't know why. I can't seem to get over this "hump". I know part of it is we have school in my room, which gets THRASHED soooooo easily because me and 3 little people live in here. I find it impossible to teach in clutter. I know it's "my" issue, and probably related to my OCD, but I don't know how to get around it... *sigh*


Any ideas??

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I've been there! Here's what I suggest. Take a week off with the little ones. The bigger ones can continue some school independently.


Take this week to focus on your house. If your house isn't in order, you're not going to be productive. Declutter and simplify everything! Start with your room where you're doing school. Are there extra things in there that don't belong? What can you give away or throw away?


You'll be homeschooling for a long time. One week off is not going to mess up the kids for life. In fact, if things are orderly, you will be less stressed and they will most likely feel less stress too :) :grouphug:

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I agree with the pp to take some time off with the younger children.

Prioritize. For academics spend your time on skills first; math, phonics, spelling. Then look for ways to apply the skills in science, reading, art/music/crafts. Skills need consistent work, but for younger children, applications like science, history, literature, art, music do not have to be done as often; they can be done one (or at most two) at a time with a rotation every few weeks.


Clutter makes me anxious. If you need to de-clutter, do that first as the pp said. Then, find a way to conveniently store the things you do need. Assign specific responsibilities to each child for keeping clutter under control and schedule periodic mini-cleanups throughout the day--about 7-10 minutes is good so long as each person knows what they're responsible for and there's a convenient place to put the materials and supplies. Set a timer and have everyone stop as soon as it goes off. Rewarding the group for good performance helps make sure that the children co-operate. Rewards that worked for my son and for a larger group when co-op met at our house were something special for lunch--that one motivated my son because we usually ate mix-n-match leftovers :tongue_smilie:except on co-op days, extra time outside after lunch, math/logic games, a new video, audiobook, or special read-aloud.

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For 1st/2nd grade, I like just doing science by reading books, watching Magic School Bus videos, and playing in the dirt when the weather is nice. Low stress and DD seemed to learn lots.


And I agree about taking the time off and decluttering a bit. It really helps!

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Where are the homeschool materials kept? Are they all in one spot?


Consider plastic file boxes for each child to keep their workbooks, binders, pencils, etc.


How about a card table that can be taken out to use at school time and folded again when not in use?


If the kids are making messes, they should be helping to clean it up.

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I recommend Flylady for getting a handle on your lifestyle issues- clutter, procrastination etc

I could not homeschool in too much clutter either.

Your littlies will be ok, but you need to feel you are going in the right direction, that you are going to get a handle on it, and right now it seems you are not- you are drowning.

Homeschooling really is work- a full time job, and it needs to be treated as such. Its hard work and it takes discipline. But you have to discipline yourself first.

I found Flylady first- otherwise I could never have homeschooled- I was too chaotic and undisciplined. Flylady gave me both the compassion to reailse I didnt have to do it all at once, and that I wasn't alone- and the kick up the butt I needed.



ETA: To get jump started in the mornings- I get up before my kids and take care of myself first (a walk, cup to tea while checking email, meditation)- then I wake them up at 7am and supervise them. By 8.30 we started school, and we finished by early afternoon. Then I would have a rest in my room and get some more alone time.

I set up routines but the most important was starting the day right- I am a morning person and i HAD to get school done in the morning, which meant waking the kids up, which meant making sure they went to bed early enough to get enough sleep. Others are fine to work in the afternoons so they do it differently. FInd what works for you.

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