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Help me decide on an appropriate reward?

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I decided to start a reward system with my DS [nearly 7]. He tends to get whiny and complainy about school, and if frustrates me to no end, but I know he wasn't like this with his public school teacher last year, nor is he like this with his speech therapist, both who use a reward system. :/

Anyway, I got some sticker charts and tiny stickers, and I've been putting a short list of independent activities on teh board for him to complete when I need to deal with his baby brother [read for 10 minutes, complete this worksheet, journal, do this chore, etc]; there's about 5 each day. For each that he completes without whining, he gets a sticker. When he fills the chart, I promised him a reward.

Thing is, I can't decide on the reward. :/ At this rate, he'll fill a chart a week, so it needs to be something I'm willing to do once a week. That rules out the local discovery center which is a 3 hour ordeal on the best of days [and expensive]. I'm hesitant to use food rewards due to my food issues. Toys? I just don't know.


Any good suggestions?

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Table board game with parents...


Quick trip to a dollar store or favorite shop with $1-$2, give or take...


Stay up later on Friday night with popcorn and a movie or some such thing...


Invite a friend over to play for a couple of hours...


Hour of playing at a favorite park...


Pick out special dessert for after dinner Friday (root-beer floats, sundaes, etc.)

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I've found that screen time works well as a reward for my kids. It's not food, with its associated issues, it doesn't cause the accumulation of more stuff, and it doesn't require me to do anything--in fact, it gives me a break. It's also addictive, so they really want to have it.

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I use rewards for behavior with my 5 year old. I try really hard to get him consumable rewards that are not food. I don't need any more trashy little trinket stuff in my house! I like to use things like glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces, those little popper things with the confetti string in it from the 4th of July (they look like champagne bottles). Also good are stickers, pencils and things that I can throw away in a week that he won't notice! Dollar stores and party stores are great for this stuff.

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