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I want to start a Reader's Theater...

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My dd10 is very much into theater arts, and I'd like to get her more involved with a group of homeschool friends. So we were thinking of starting a reader's theater.


Here are my (sketchy) thoughts so far, please let me know what you think:


*Maximum of six 5th and 6th graders in the group.

*Cost would be $30 for the year (15 meetings) and would cover copies and lunch

*I'll provide a basic lunch - tuna sandwiches, carrots, brownie sort of thing

*Meet every other Friday during the school year at our house.

*When the students leave the meeting, scripts for the next meeting will be distributed and parts assigned.

*Each person would be responsible for minimal costume and props for their part (no purchases, just around the house stuff)

*Meeting would consist of performance, lunch and hang out time

*I don't think I would require parents to hang around, but of course they would be welcome, particularly to stay for the performance part


I really don't need to charge anything, but want the people who commit to be committed. I figured I could do the lunch and that would justify the payment. And if I'm going to slap together one tuna sandwich, I may a well do six, right?


What do you think about this? What do I need to consider?

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