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Any opinions? Should I see True Grit or The Fighter???

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I've seen them both.


I thought True Grit was very well done, but I liked The Fighter better. They're very different movies.


Also, I've seen the original version of True Grit, and while everyone is saying how different this version is from the original, I didn't think it was THAT different. For my money, I preferred the totally new movie experience.

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Ugh, no one is making this easier!!!!! :lol:


Deep down I think I might want to watch The Fighter. (But then I also want to see True Grit, Black Swan, and The King's Speech!!!!)


I've seen all of them! They were all very good (well...Black Swan was weird, but I don't regret seeing it). Of those, I liked The King's Speech best, then The Fighter and True Grit (nearly tied, but again...very different), then Black Swan.

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