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Help with meal ideas for someone with dietary restrictions!

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DD has a new friend that has dietary restrictions. They are:


no grain or dairy

eats meat except pork

eats fruit and veggies, except potatoes


She may be coming over for lunch (if not this week, then some other time), and I need ideas for what to feed her. Cutting out grains has me stumped. I'm sure I could come up with something, but I'd like her to know that I'm willing to put in some effort for her. She's a sweet girl and I want her to feel welcome.


Any meal (esp. lunch) ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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hummus with fresh veggies to dip

fruit for dessert

grilled chicken

tuna salad on bed of lettuce


does she eat rice? if so, that would be a filling side dish.


corn and bean salsa with corn chips. For that matter, how about regular salsa with taco chips?


veggie tacos

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